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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

7th July 2019, I finally had my MR parade. After 13 years of service, my National obligations have finally come to an end. Although I won't officially MR until April 2020, I will probably never have to don on my uniform anymore. Honestly, it still feels surreal, because I could still vividly remember the first day of enlistment in 2006.

India 2006

Always remembering you Wen Hu

India Babina. Fun times

Packing my gear and stepping out from camp on the last day, it feels bittersweet. A part of me knows that I never have to be out in the field ever again; I'll never have to do IPPT, or even report to MINDEF if I'm going on any long trips. But knowing that I will never ever have the chance to share a bunk with my camp mates again. That feeling...

Either my 6th or 7th ICT

He had to stand in the sun or we couldn't see him.

To my comrades who've shared blood, sweat and tears with me, you know who you are. This is only an end to a new beginning. Thank you for the 13 years of memories, they will be for ever etched in my heart. Thank you for the life lessons you taught me, I will pass them on to my son. Even though there won't be any chance of us ever sharing a bunk again, I am always one call away for a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a meal to share.

One last picture with the antique before it becomes scrap metal

Our Platoon

468 - 435 SAR Cheetah Company, Platoon 11. You'll always have a place in my heart

Finally, I'd like to especially thank my awesome wife, who's been taking care of Jed while I'm away and always supporting me towards our nation's defense. My service might be over, but I promise to continue protecting our country and our family.

This vehicle will probably be history soon.

Mandatory Selfie with family

Little Jeddy Bear. Always remember, country before family. 有国才有家,所以叫国家. Papa Bear has done his fair share, and your turn will come to protect Papa, Mama bear and all that you love.

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