Super Easy Baby Porridge!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Heya guys! Hope yall are doing great! :)

I'm passionate about the meals I prepare for Jeddy, and do post them up on my instagram stories frequently. One of the more popular questions I received was how to prepare Jed's daily porridge. Jeddy is 10 months 2 weeks old right now and I've started BLW (Baby Led Weaning) on him ever since he was 6 months old. He would usually have cereal in the morning, and then porridge for lunch and/or dinner. I do squeeze in snacks like fruit/veg puree, pancakes, muffins and yogurt in-between his meals; depending on what's available in the fridge.

I usually cook his porridge once a week and store them in the freezer for his meals the following week. This way, I do not have to cook all the time and tire myself out! For those who can't cook at all, this post is for you. Easy peasy, quick and fuss-free! Experienced mamas please do not judge ok, as I had no clue myself before having a baby.

What you'll need:

1. Rice cooker

2. containers with air tight lids (I just re-use storage containers for my breast-milk previously)

I try to ensure that his porridge covers all three important components of a healthy meal; that is, protein, fibre and starch.

Ingredients I like to use:

-Fish such as Dory/Tilapia as they are less fishy. Make sure to debone thoroughly!

-Minced pork meat as it's softer than minced chicken. (you may ask the butcher to mince x3 times for you to ensure that it's not too chunky for your baby to swallow. Also, try avoiding frozen ones as they are not as fresh)

-Egg tofu

-Baby spinach


-Tomatoes, capsicum (remember to de-skin)

-Wolf-berry (do not add in too early as it will taste bitter if over-cooked)





-Purple sweet potatoes (you may want to ration carrots and sweet potatoes to prevent your little one from developing a sweet tooth; also, too much carrots may cause carotenemia - yellowish discolouration of skin)

-Chicken stock. (Babies should only consume less than 1g of salt each day so be careful not to add too much. You may make your own chicken stock, I'll leave this to another blog post, or use low-salt stock eg. Kallo Very Low Salt Chicken Stock Cube.)


Add 1 1/2 cup of rice (or brown rice) into the rice cooker

Add 1:1 ratio of filtered water.

Let it cook till the water has mostly dried up.

Add stock, meat, diced tofu and vegetables (carrot and sweet potatoes need to be pre-boiled) of choice.

Then add more water and leave for another 30mins.

Remember to mash up large chunks of meat/veg and stir occasionally to prevent the porridge from sticking to the bottom of the pot; keep adding more water till you achieve your desired consistency.

Add your ingredients into the rice cooker.

I personally prefer a creamier consistency so that Jed can just swallow his porridge.

Stir thoroughly to ensure meat is well cooked. Try it and add more chicken stock if it's not flavorful enough.

Portion them into containers; one serving each.

Ensure that the containers are tightly sealed.

You may store the porridge in the freezer for up to a month with air tight containers; but I only keep mine for up to a week, as most of my containers are not air tight. Porridge kept in the refrigerator will have to be consumed within a day. Also note that thawed food will turn bad faster.

How I thaw the porridge:

Simply remove from the freezer and thaw in tap water for about an hour. (I reuse the plastic container for thawing)

Add just a bit of water, stir the porridge over medium-high heat. You may also warm it up using a rice cooker.

Serve warm!

Added White bait powder! A healthier alternative to ikan bilis!

YESSS It's that easy!!!

Jeddy enjoys his porridge and always ask for more! So i tend to portion slightly more than 1 serving per container for Jed haha. Hope your little one enjoys his porridge as much as Jed does!

Do follow my igstories to check out what Jeddy is eating other than his daily porridge!


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