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Greetings all!

We've received a ton of messages and queries about Jeddy from our previous post. We figured that we'd do a follow up on that. Jeddy Bear is doing well now, so far there are no complications that would hinder his growth and he's been very happy and contented!

As for the legal action that we'll be taking against the nanny; Yes we will be taking action. I will be raising a case to the local magistrate, and it won't be a civil lawsuit. I'm not looking at compensation, just punishment that is due to her. Per dei judicium fiat justitia.

We've also received a few negative comments about how we should be held responsible for Jeddy's ordeal. And that we shouldn't have engaged a nanny and should have depended on our parents instead. To those naysayers; not every family is blessed enough to have grandparents to take care of their babies, I lost my mom, and my dad has no prior experience. Shannon's parent are working, and we don't want to depend on anyone but ourselves.

But then again, who gives a shit about what they say. Not us for sure.

We just celebrated Father's Day yesterday and this was his gift to me. The card was from his class @ Heguru Education. And of course, it was with the help of Mommy Shan.

Jeddy Bear's Beary Cute Card to Daddy

Rolling in the ballpit with Mommy and Daddy

Finally, to those people whom have been really supportive of Jed. We are inviting you all to his first birthday party! His birthday will be held on 4th August 2019 (Sunday) at The Bark Cafe : 1000 Upper Changi Rd N, Singapore 507707. Timing between 2pm - 5pm (Cake cutting at 4pm).

It's basically a meet and greet session, light food and drinks will be provided. And we will not be accepting gifts or Ang Baos. This is purely to thank you all whom have been really encouraging towards us and Jeddy Bear.

If you'd like to confirm your attendance. Please do kindly send a form to let us know you'll be attending!


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