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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Joshua and I are a rather chill, impromptu and yolo couple. Bali is one of our favorite destinations and it was also where he proposed to me 2 years ago. So tbh, as we've been to Bali so many times together, we didn't exactly plan our itinerary for this trip haha. However, we've received quite a handful of requests on Instagram asking us for the itinerary during our one week stay in Bali. I would say majority of those who asked are parents, and I understand their concern with bringing their young ones to Bali - a beautiful island but also a developing country. So I shall share with you guys what we did for that 7 days with our baby boy in this post...and here we go!

Day 1:

We booked a cab and headed for Changi airport early that friday morning to check in our luggage and have our breakfast at the airport before our flight. Jeddy was so excited at the airport he was squealing and babbling non-stop haha. So we then arrived in Bali at around 130pm and got to our hotel by 230pm.

Josh booked Mecure Hotel Kuta Bali which is located right across Kuta beach for the first 3 nights of our vacay. It was a decent stay overall even though its cleanliness wasn't up to par. So Jeddy stained the sheets and we requested for a room makeover. To my horror, I saw the same stain when I checked the sheets after the room was done up and I was honestly quite disappointed for a 4 star hotel. But I love how convenient it is to the beach, mini-mart, Mcdonald's and shopping mall. I especially love their roof top pool to just chill, unwind and catch the gorgeous Kuta sunset!

After checking in and freshening ourselves up after the flight, we set off for Kuta beach right away and headed to "Imas Bar" for some Bintang as usual!

We managed to catch up with some of our Balinese friends and introduced Jeddy bear to them. "Jed must be wondering why are all his friends black... Hahaha....", joked one of the surfing instructors we knew for a couple of years now. The locals are generally very friendly with a sense of humor. Also, they could get a little too excited with babies! Jed was like a superstar everywhere we went LOL.

And of course, we waited to catch the dazzling sunset like everyone else. lIt was around 630pm and Jeddy was tired by then, and so we crossed the street, got back to our hotel and let him have a proper rest.

I woke up from my nap with a migraine. Josh then went to grab me panadol and some snacks from the mini-mart right away, which i thought was pretty sweet since they say couples are usually no longer lovey dovey after marriage with a kid lol. I was feeling much better and Jeddy was up, so we decided to walk to Beachwalk Shopping center which was just 0.5km away.

We headed for the supermarket to shop for fruits, yogurt, eggs and baby food for Jeddy. To my surprise, they have a great selection of baby cereal and biscuits! Jeddy loved them and I was really excited to buy a ton back to Singapore on the last day haha.

We were hungry again and I told Josh I'd cravings for something spicy and sour for dinner. So he said, "I know where to bring you." And he brought us to Fat Chow Bali for tom yum vermicelli soup, mekong roll, and Josh's favorite nasir Campur again lol. I was surprised like as if we'd some kind of telepathy, and literally went, "Omg bb, Tom yum is what I wanted!!"

Wished the tom yum was more thai-ish but it was such a cozy cafe. It's definitely very instagrammable but too bad the lighting was pretty bad at night.

Day 2:

Rise and shine! We were up early and first thing first, it's time for the beach and waves! Josh couldn't wait to surf ever since our last trip. So while dada hits the waves, mama and Jeddy sat under the coconut trees enjoying the sea breeze, sound of the waves and just mastering the art of not doing anything. I live for times like these. And when dada was done surfing his first round, we headed to one of our favorite cafe for brunch.

Back at Crumb & Coaster! Love the ambience there and if you're a coffee lover like me, you'll love this place! Their coffee reminded me a lot of the ones I'd in Melbourne, but I wished they come in larger cups!

The food there is great as usual but unfortunately the zucchini noodles did not taste as refreshing as before, though still yummy! However, that alone wouldn't stop us from returning! Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a healthy and wholesome breakfast spot!

It was a really hot afternoon so we decided to head to Beachwalk shopping mall again which is just around the corner to cool Jeddy down a little. The mall has international brands like Zara, H&M, Topshop etc and restaurants such as Sushi tei and Paradise dynasty, just like you would see in Singapore shopping malls. Josh and I used to shop along the streets of Bali for mostly Balinese home decors but it's not as convenient now with a pram and the heat from the sun might be too overwhelming for Jed. But if you do shop at the street shops, don't be shy and haggle away! Chances are they will discount heaps since they usually mark up their prices by as much as 200% for tourists.

By the way, I love Chatime in Bali, so each time we were at the mall, I would grab a large Jasmine Green Milk tea and sip on the go!

Josh then surfed for a good 2 hours while we rest in the hotel and came back with the sinful to-die-for Babi guling! Meat lovers will enjoy it but I've to warn you guys that it's very oily and fattening. Health conscious friends please stay far away from it because it will tempt you, I'm serious. But since we are already there, who cares about fats eh? Eat first and worry later is a quote I've always lived by! Josh managed to find this bali guling stall with pretty good reviews just a minute walk away from our hotel and it's relatively cheap at only $3.50 per packet.

Jeddy was recharged after his nap so we decided to head for fish porridge and seafood at Warung lao da Tuban where Jed could have his porridge. This is another one of our favorite Hongkong style seafood restaurant. Cheap, fresh and good! Jed had 2 bowls of porridge all by himself!

Josh's hangry face lol

Day 3:

We love a good breakfast so we headed for Benih cafe kuta this time round. It was our first time there and we quickly fell in love with this cafe! The awesome service, spacious seats and ginormous window with lots of natural sunlight and breeze coming through. I've got a thing for huge windows! The flat white I ordered came in a larger cup than at Crumb & Coaster so I was very satisfied. It was a good hearty breakfast! We look forward to trying more items on their menu.

The staffs were very proactive and thoughtful which I appreciate because you may need more assistance at times having a baby with you. This is definitely a very baby-friendly cafe! So we ended up spending a good 2.5 hours just chilling there.

It's time for Josh to surf and I brought Jeddy back to the hotel to rest. With a baby, his meals, sufficient rest, keeping him hydrated and in a cool environment is our priority. Your baby falling sick is the last thing you want to happen on a family vacation. So I would rather just chill in the hotel room while jed catches his nap on a comfy bed and wait for the hubby to be done surfing.

We then went for a dip in the roof top pool. So relaxing and fun watching Jed play in the water. It was coincidentally the golden hour and we witnessed such a magnificent sunset! The pool oversees Kuta beach and the glistening sea. I would say it was a very romantic view!

It we decided to stay in and order our dinner via the Go-Jek App. We were completely famished after our swim and went a little crazy with our orders. 1 bakso, 1 satay beehoon, 2 babi guling and josh walked to Mcdonald's next door to get 2 double cheese burgers and a box of 9 piece nuggets because he couldn't wait any longer.

Day 4:

It's our last day at Mecure hotel and we were really looking forward to our next stay at 18 Suite Kuta villa for the second half of our trip. We were up early and headed to the beach around 730am which was pretty much empty at that hour. Kuta beach is usually packed with people so it was nice having the beach to ourselves. We then returned to our hotel for a quick shower before checking out.

So by noon, we were already at 18 Suite ready for check in again! We've stayed there a few times prior to this trip and it's our favorite villa out of those that we've tried so far. It's new, clean, not as many bugs as compared to other villas, no smell, spacious and the service was great!

We booked a villa with 2 rooms this trip as our friends will be joining us. It was only ~S$555 for 3 Nights for 4 pax, which was super worth it! So when our friends arrived, we'd a couple of booze prepared by our bartender Josh and headed for Wurung Laota again!

Then headed for Kudeta beach club for some drinks and called it a night! We personally much prefer Potato Head though!Then headed for Kudeta beach club for some drinks and called it a night! We personally much prefer Potato Head though!

Day 5:

We brought our friends to Crumb & Coaster for a heavy brunch so that the boys can prepare themselves for surfing later.

So the boys surfed while the girls and Jeddy stayed under the shade sipping on bintang! We then went to Discovery Shopping Mall kuta nearby our villa for A&W, without having to queue 2hours, haha! And of course, I bought Chatime!

Got back to the villa, settled Jeddy bear and the girls went for an hour of Balinese massage just outside the hotel. It was only about S$12 for 60min! The guys stayed behind to watch over Jed and play PS4 together lol! So all of us stayed up for a HTHT over a few drinks before hitting the sack. Oh yes, we also Go-jek bakso for supper and pigged ourselves out.

Day 6:

We hired a driver and headed to Uluwatu which is 45mins away from Kuta to see what that Omnia hype was all about. True enough, the place was breathtaking! Unfortunately, babies are not allowed at the mezzanine so we were only allowed at Sake No Hana, a Japanese restaurant, inside Omnia. We spent about S$450 for 4 pax. Lady luck blessed us with a perfect weather and the view was picturesque! Thankfully the food was great to match the rather steep price point.

Since we are not allowed near the pool, reasoning the staff told us was due to Omnia being built on a cliff, it would be very dangerous if babies or children fall off the pool, so we didn't swim and left by afternoon. Did we enjoy ourselves there? Yes we'd a great time in fact! Would we go back again? I highly doubt so unless I'm not bringing my baby along. But no doubt it was a wonderful experience!

Our driver, who is also a local friend of ours, brought us to a massage place near Jimbaran for an hour of Balinese massage before driving us to Jimbaran fish market, where the locals would shop for fresh seafood at the market and barbecue them on the spot. More and more tourists were doing it too! We'd awesome seafood at local prices thanks to our local friends! But I kind of regretted bringing Jed there as the place was too smoky, not the cleanest and very warm. I don't recommend bringing young children and babies there.

So we were all tired after a long day and knocked out once we got back to the villa.

Day 7:

In a blink of an eye, it was the last day of our trip! We headed to DFS T Galleria for some last minute shopping at the supermarket. I was so happy with my supermarket loots which consists mainly of baby food!

We came to the end of our trip and our first vacay with Jeddy wasn't too difficult afterall! I would say Bali is definitely a baby-friendly destination if you don't mind just taking things slow and especially with the availability of Go-jek services. Go-jek is huge in Bali and you can book literally everything and anything using the app! From Go-car, to food, to in-house facial/massage/hair services, to laundry services etc. This saves you so much time and it's also safer for the little ones at night.

For those who've made it here, thank you for reading!!

Pardon me for the lack of photos as I only realised after that I took mostly videos for my igstories. We're trying to get better and would appreciate your feedback!

And lastly, I hope this post is helpful in some way or another for anyone keen in going Bali for your next vacay!!

God bless you guys! <3

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